The Snohomish Chamber of Commerce Presents:  2016 GroundFrog Day - January 30, 2016 - Please join us! 

What is GroundFrog Day

Legend of Snohomish Slew

2015 GroundFrog Day Sponsors
Event Day Information
Official Press Kit
Coloring Contest Page
Slew's Pond Party - Aquatic Center

Official Event Publicist and spokesman: Darrell Charles, contact at: 360-563-5353

Slew's Handler and interview agent: Thayer Cueter, Just Frogs and Toad Too, 206-618-7232
Assist: Pam Osborne,
425-344-8533 or

The Ballad of "Slew" performed by WILLOUGHBY.,played by Tim Noah, Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater.  Photo By:  Jared M. Burns, Photograper

2015 GroundFrog Day Prediction


Photo By:  Jared M. Burns, Photograper